History of Steven Scott

It all started with Scotts father reading a book about Houdini at a young age, then that Christmas Santa had left a magic set under the tree. Steven father when he was younger worked for Detroits TV BOZO THE CLOWN and later OOPSY THE CLOWN, Personal friends of the family Scott grew up around these televison celeberties and as well his father had 2 firefighter friends that did a clown magic juggling show called Sparky and Bananas. At a young age Scott was inspired and hooked by the magic bug.
In the beginning Scott called himself THE AMAZING ROLLO after The AMAZING RANDI, Rollo was a nickname of Scotts during grade school. In later years he change it to the stage name STEVEN SCOTT. His first magic job was working as the house magician at Captian Carnivals at age 17 where he was the entertainer there for childrens parties, that same year in 1984 he got a government grant to tour Windsor Essex county doing magic shows for hospitals, parks and recreation areas, senior homes and various events. The summer of 85 Scott got asked to be the House Magician at Milford Manor Resort in the Muskokas, after that summer season Scott went to compete in a magic contest in Colon Michigan the Magic Capitol of the World, where he placed in the contest and was picked up by New York magician Ken Alan to be the opening act to his East Coast Canadian Tour. After the tour Scott was full steam ahead building his own touring illusion show and over the next few years the show was built.
In 1988 Scott took his illusion show out East and played theatres to help raise money for various organizations like Red Cross, Sick Childrens Hospital and others. This tour went on for 3 years in the summer. After touring Scott created Willy Wizard and Enviromental show that was produced and installed at Storybook Gardens in London , After that Scott went back to his old stomping grounds in the Muskokas and performed 5 nights a week for 6 years in that region, as well as performing daily shows at Santas Village theme park. In 1993 Scott produced and installed STEVEN SCOTTS GRAND ILLUSION at Boblo Island Theme Park starring his star student JASON BYRNE. After the season the show was installed at the Capitol Theatre part of the CASINO ENTERTAINMENT SERIES in 94 Scott did various touring shows to help various groups over the next few years, while making contacts with various artists and entertainers SCOTT created an event planning and entertainment agency called MAGIC ENTERPRISES PRODUCTIONS.
This company would do galas, grand openings and various promotions for casinos, shopping centers, resorts and more. Scotts company would install 2 shows at Canadas Wonderland for the 20th Anniversary in 2000 and produce HAUNTFEST a 19 day Halloween festival at Pine Knob Music Theatre in 2001. Scott was also involved with producing a Magic On Ice show in Porto Rico starring Jon Ross, also a consultant with Universal Circus In 2006 Scott received the STAR SEEKER award fron NCL cruiselines and was also awarded the Order of Merlin from the International Brotherhood of Magicians In his spare time Scott has written and illustrated childrens books on his MY DOG BOO series. Scotts final resting place is a plot in Colon Michigan at the LAKESIDE CEMETRY where magicians are buried his plot is right near the famous HARRY BLACKSTONE.